$DLPHN Token

$DLPHN is an Erc-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Is the fuel of the entire Angry Dolphins ecosystem.

Holders will be able to use $DLPHN tokens to do many things like buy WL spots inside our marketplace, buy items for the dolphins and to play in our videogame.

Where can you see your $DLPHN earnings?

Starting from Mid July 2022 each Angry Dolphin will start to produce $DLPHN.
On our official website there will be a specific button to connect your wallet and after that you’ll have access to a private section called “The Bay” where you can see all Dolphins that you owned and your $DLPHN earned.


Full tokenomics will be released one week before staking, so that all investors can fully understand all the technical aspects of the process.


1 $DLPHN token = 1 $DLPHN token. $DLPHN tokens are not intended to be an investment and there is no expectation that $DLPHN will ever have liquidity, any measurable value, or appreciate in value.


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