The Team

Angry Dolphins merges the passions of the two founding partners, Grogo and MaCro and joins the desire to transform a Web3 digital art project into a useful and pro active ecosystem in the real world.

Over time we have created a solid team, a family with +30 collaborators, Discord and marketing experts united by the goal of creating, supporting and improving the community and the project.

Founders #


Grogo #

Hi, I’m Claudio, when a few years ago I started to approach Web3 I was immediately struck by its potential and the idea of ​​decentralization. Data protection, security and community power are the things that made me fall in love with this new way of experiencing digital.

Living and letting my clients experience this revolution is what I do today.

I have been working for +15 years in marketing and Web Design for different types of clients, individuals, companies and organizations.

My passion for art, nature and marketing have merged to create, with my partner MaCro, the Angry Dolphins project, which currently engages me 24/7.

In addition to managing the various organizational aspects of the project and the various departments, I also supervise the tech part and the developers to ensure the safety of Angry Dolphins and protect all members of the community and future investors.

My other passions are music, TV series and football.

MACro #

I’m Marco, Italian born in 1988, I’m a freelance illustrator and owner of an alternative clothing brand.

From an early age, I have always shown a strong propensity towards creative disciplines such as art, music and drawing: at the age of 7 I enjoyed inventing original characters and stories illustrated in the form of comics and cartoons, mainly inspired by horror movie of which I have always been a great lover.

My passion for the bleak, in fact, is still reflected today on most of the works I make, in which I try to give a tragicomic reading to various current issues and popular culture.

After playing drums for ten years in the punk rock band “Wallcrush”, I come into contact with the world of live-painting, digital drawing and tattoos.

During 2020, together with two partners, I created a personal clothing brand, which I had started working on years earlier: this is how Blind Heart was born, a casual and alternative clothing line, with horror/dark style collections that touch on themes of popular culture.


supremo.eth #

collab manager

signum #

collab manager

waterboy #

head mod

crush #


lavarage5 #

head dev


coming soon


Designed with ❤️ by GROGO the dolphin!
Find yourself in the depths of your world
Love, help and respect everyone!

Designed with ❤️ by GROGO the dolphin!
Find yourself in the depths of your world
Love, help and respect everyone!