FEB 2022


Launch of the project and start of marketing activities. All our efforts and strategies are geared towards the fully organic growth of our channels. We love people and want to start a family. Bots can’t cook!


Our goal is to create a large community fully involved in the Angry Dolphins project and in all phases of the project.

For this reason, through our team of moderators and Community managers within our discord server, we create games, discussions, activities on a daily basis in support of the fundamental values ​​of our vision. Peace, friendship and mindfulness.

JUL 2022


The collection consists of 5555 Angry Dolphins, each one unique and different thanks to the combination of +250 strokes hand-drawn by the co-founder of the project, MaCro.

Angry Dolphins also contains 5 different sub-collections 1/1 of ultra rare Dolphins.

The unique fusion mechanism that we have implemented in the smart contract will allow us to reduce the number of tokens in the collection, favoring scarcity and increasing its value.

JUL 2022


We want to return 10% of the royalties back to the community of holders, mainly thanks to reserved giveaways.
Another 10% will go to a long-term partnership linked to environmental protection decided upon “The Bay”.

MID JUL 2022


Staking their tokens allows holders to produce daily (with different percentages and methods depending on the number and type of NFT owned) our utility token $DLPHNS which can be used for various purposes, such as the purchase of WL from our official marketplace, advantages related to the brand’s merch and mint of new NFTs of subsequent drops.

MID JUL 2022


The official Angry Dolphins merch line. We will publish the official shop with exclusive benefits reserved for holders.

Shipped worldwide.

AUG 2022


The Bay is the community square of holders. A place to get to know each other, grow together but above all in which to decide and vote on the choices of the project. The house for holders, owned by the holders.

Technically it is a section of our site, with a Web3 interface accessible only to owners of one of the Angry Dolphins tokens that will allow you to chat, vote and participate in the choices of the project.

AUG 2022


We want the impact of our project to have a concrete effect in the real world. For this reason, part of the proceeds from the project will be donated to charity. We will support associations and initiatives that protect the sea, endangered species and the environment in general. And last but not least, our community will be part of all this!

AUG 2022


The fusion mechanism is technically complex but very simple to do. The holders of 2+ Angry Dolphins will be able to choose 2 NFTs of the main collection from their wallet through an already created and plug and play Web3 interface to literally “burn” them to give life to a new NFT of the “Evo Dolphins” collection.

SEP 2022


Evo Dolphins is an ultra limited collection that can only be obtained using the fusion mechanism.

Owning an Evo significantly increases the production percentage of the $DLPHNS utility token and will allow you to access super exclusive benefits within the community, the marketplace and the video game

SEP 2022


We will have our land in the metaverse, we don’t know where yet, because the holders community will decide.

Q1 2023


We are currently developing the game logic and interfaces. We are in the initial stages but the team’s work is intense and passionate. More news soon.


coming soon


Designed with ❤️ by GROGO the dolphin!
Find yourself in the depths of your world
Love, help and respect everyone!

Designed with ❤️ by GROGO the dolphin!
Find yourself in the depths of your world
Love, help and respect everyone!